Hiking in the Monti Simbruini regional park

The Simbruini park is an ideal destination for hiking and horseback riding in spring and summer, but it is also a popular destination for snowshoeing in the winter.

Rafting on the Aniene river

Thanks to the association Vivere l'Aniene, it is possible to do soft rafting on the Aniene river, an adrenaline activity for the whole family that is offered every year from March to October.

Laghetto di San Benedetto

Recently dubbed "the Caribbean of Rome," this small lake set in the rock is an enchanting area to be explored for a walk or a dip in solitude, or to be experienced with the canyoning and zip line of Vivere l'Aniene.

Monastero di Santa Scolastica

The monastery of Saint Scholastica is one of the monasteries founded by Saint Benedict of Norcia in Subiaco. It housed the typography, where the first book printed in Italy with moveable type was printed in 1465. It now serves as the headquarters of the Biblioteca Statale del Monumento Nazionale di S. Scolastica.

Monastero di San Benedetto

The Monastery of St. Benedict is one of Catholicism's most important spiritual sites. It guards the Sacro Speco, the cave where St. Benedict of Norcia lived as a hermit before founding Western monasticism.

Altipiani di Arcinazzo

Visit the Villa of Emperor Trajan for a taste of Roman history. As a nature lover, you can go hiking or horseback riding, and if you're more of an active person, there's always the option of participating in sports. It's definitely worth a trip.

Monte Livata

Monte Livata is where all the Romans would go to spend a day in the mountains. There is one of Europe's largest beech forests here, and in addition to sports and hiking, there are ski lifts for skiing and snowboarding.